Saturday, 28 July 2012

Defending yourself in the UK vs the US

This nine minute video talks about how the British have lost their freedom to hunt and shoot.  British Olympic pistol shooters are now forced to train abroad, as they are unable to own even a low powered air pistol in the UK.

Since the pistols used in the pistol shooting events are illegal in England, Scotland and Wales, special dispensation had to be granted by the UK Government to allow certain events to go ahead.

Some quotes to remember from this video:

1.  Since the gun ban, crime has increased 40 per cent.
2.  The authorities have no way to control the criminals, so they control the law abiding.
3.  Freedom is only for those who have the guts to defend it.

Scroll forward to 4:05 and learn about Tony Martin, who shot two intruders, killing one and defending himself in his own home.  Both intruders had over a dozen convictions and Tony had been broken into three times.

At the time of the making of this video, the intruder is free roaming the streets, having served 18 months, while Tony was given life imprisonment, which was later downgraded to manslaughter.

Now lets see what happens in the US when you need to defend yourself from a machete wielding intruder.

Learn how extreme the Greens really are.

What can you do to protect your freedoms in Australia?  Vote for the Shooters and Fishers Party!

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