Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Worlds Smallest Pistol - More media crock....

Recently the media posted an article on the worlds smallest pistol, manufactured in Switzerland, claiming it can kill. Read the article here...NEWS - Worlds Smallest Pistol

The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service has a hard enough time stopping real pistols coming into the country by organised criminals, yet that didn't stop them jumping on the bandwagon - assuring the public not to fear this terrible new weapon and that they will work with domestic and international authorities to stop it being imported into the country. 

What the article fails to mention are two things:

1.  How powerful is it?
2.  How expensive is it?

Like any fine Swiss watch, it's going to be expensive. Revolvers have many moving parts and are precision machined to ensure the cylinder rotates perfectly and stops exactly where required, before the round is fired.   

The cost of this particular novelty firearm is about A$6,500.00.  

Now, lets look at how powerful and dangerous this gun really is.  

The website shows the projectile weight is 0.128 of a gram and the projectile energy is 0.97 joules.  

Let's compare bullet energy types (in joules) from guns that can actually kill.  

The energy from a .22 caliber round struggles to kill anything larger than a fox, but of course could kill a human with a well placed heart or head shot.  But a.22 has 159 times the energy of the swiss minigun.

The article claims it can kill at point blank range, but let's have a look at the muzzle energy over a distance on this graph.

Muzzle energy over time  <- Scroll to the bottom of the page.  Second graph from the left. 

At 50 metres, the energy drops from 0.97 joules to 0.90 joules.  A difference of 0.07 joules.  So why do they claim it's only lethal at point blank range?    


I reckon my nerf gun would do more damage!!

But seriously, let's assume I was involved in organised crime - why would i spend $6,500 on a toy when, I can get a real gun for a 10th of the price that actually kills?  Could you imagine the Comancheros having an all out war with those little toys?

What is of greater concern is my tax payers' dollars being wasted on bureaucrats actually targeting the illegal importation of these toys. 

Another sloppy piece of journalism from Kate Calacouras.  

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