Friday, 26 October 2012

The Environment, Ethics, Politics and Social Media.

There was a time when the citizens of Australia went to the polling booths every 3 years for the Federal election, casting their vote for a candidate that was nothing more than the best of a bad bunch.  Some naively believed their single vote might actually make a difference in the grand scheme of things, others, more cynical, cast a donkey vote or submitted a blank ballot paper.

Thankfully for the Australian voter times have changed dramatically.  Some politicians are still trying to grapple with how the new wave of social media impacts their political strategy.  Some are oblivious to it.  And the rare few, Tony Windsor as an example don't even know how to switch on a computer, yet continue to carry on blindly using political strategies from the jurassic period to convince us how great a job he is doing.   

Back in the day when the Greens were the only real choice as an alternative to a major party, they had momentum and some substance.  My blog today is going to explore how relevant they are in this day and age, especially since they have lost their way and the voice of social media has proven it has far more political sway, more balance and doesn't sing to the tune of fanatical policies and communist tones.

To do this, i'm going to talk about a few topics close to the political heart of the Greens and analyse how these issues have played out in day and age. 


Make no mistake about it - the Greens are all about converting us all to a vegan.  They are not about sustainability or the humane treatment of animals.  If they were, they would support recreational hunting and campaign against the use of 1080 poison rather than supporting it.  You can read my blog here about how vile this chemical really is.  

Recently David Shoebridge from the NSW Greens, hosted a forum on pig dogging, with the intention to indoctrinate more city voters to support a ban on the practice.  This was nothing more than a kumbaya to convince a bunch of do-gooders with too much time on their hands yet too busy to go find the facts for themselves to add a little more flab to the Greens campaign.  These are people who would rather be herded like sheep or jews to the gas chamber than learn to think for themselves.  

The panel was stacked with Greens and Animal Liberation organisations.  Why the Australian Pig Doggers & Hunters Association were not invited to add balance to the panel just goes to show the Greens don't care for democratic process and see more success promoting a campaign full of lies.  You can read more about what pig dogging is by following the link to the association itself.

If the Greens knew the first thing about pig dogging, they wouldn't have used the image of a knife that is not suitable for the practice on their campaign brochure.

You can read an article on the outcome of the event here...where a University of Technology Sydney conservation biologist, Daniel Ramp outlandishly claims,

"Hunters had to get away from this idea that we can eradicate feral pigs".

"Feral pigs in the future will be native pigs, they're there for our future," he said.

If Daniel Ramp had an inkling as to how much damage feral pigs are doing to our environment, he would appreciate the pig population exploded completely out of control when hunting was banned in NSW National Parks.

The news article was sloppy and failed to get to the crux of many of the issues discussed.  Tristan Thompson made the trip to Sydney all the way from Bourke to have his say in the Audience.  You can read his comments on the Shooters and Fishers facebook page about how ridiculous the entire fiasco was right here..

Meanwhile, the Greens profess we save every little bit of energy we can by unplugging appliances from wall sockets to help the environment, yet this philosophy somehow doesn't apply when it comes to hunting.  Surely hunting pigs and other invasive species for food is the most sustainable and environmentally friendly practice of all!  David Shoebridge famously quoted that hunting actually increases feral animal numbers because hunters only kill off the doom surplus.  No credible scientist to this day is able to explain this delusional theory.  You can listen to the interview where he quotes this rubbish right here....

Moving on, it's no secret the Greens work closely with Animals Australia who have recently launched their 'Make it possible' campaign exposing the treatment of animals in factory farms.  Don't get me wrong, I don't actually support factory farming, but until their is a better alternative, it is nothing more than tenacious to believe Australians are going to stop eating pork, ham, bacon, sausages and other small goods.  Anyone that knows anything about pigs knows you need to keep them locked up.  They will happily rip through your fences and destroy your land.  There is no such thing as free range pig farming.

Which brings me back to pig dogging.  Surely if the Greens and Animals Australia were serious about reducing the number of factory pig farms, why on earth do they discourage hunting free range pigs in our wild?

Surely that would be a win-win for the pigs and the environment.  Less pigs damaging our native flora and fauna and less people buying pork from factory farms.

The only conclusion I can draw from all of this are the Greens wanting to turn us all into vegans.  Lee Rhiannon is also a Vegan as well as a communist.   But don't take my word for it though, google it yourself!  These are the type of people you are voting for when you vote Green.

So you're reading this and still not convinced.  You believe none of us should consume or use animal products.  Well get familiar with the list of items in the picture on the left that illustrates some of the things made from animal products.

When you tell me you refuse to use any of these products, then we'll talk about how ethical you really are. 

The Super Trawler

One thing I will say about the Greens.... they reckon they did a fantastic job stopping the super trawler!!!!

It's fascinating when you analyse the turn of events that actually stopped the super trawler.  Let me make it clear, stopping the super trawler had absolutely nothing to do with the Greens.

So what was it then?  Was it just a knee-jerk reaction by the Government after another Four Corners style of campaign that saw a ban on the live export trade?

Or was it the voice of the people, writing to their local members and ministers?

Unlike the live export ban, there was little talk about the cruelty of the fishing trade.  Dolphins, seals being collateral damage of the haul etc.   Instead the arguments focused around the super trawler depleting all our fish stocks.  Emotive words such as 'Hovering the fish out of the water' were used.

AFMA (The Australian Fisheries Management Authority) approved the super trawler fishing in Australian waters.  Did the department get it wrong?  Well, if you look at the data and the terms and conditions the trawler were required to operate under, this vessel is nothing but good for our economy.

So why did the Environment Minister feel the need to ban it?  One thing is for certain, there was immense political pressure.  Where did that pressure come from?  The Greens? Greenpeace?   They'd like you to believe that so you vote for them next election.

But the pressure really came from 5 million Australian recreational fishers and fishing groups who viewed the Governments approval of the super trawler as the height of hypocrisy.  As a recreational fisher myself, I am severely restricted as to where I may fish.  Where I am able to fish, I'm restricted to a few fish to feed my family.  A few fish I might take from the water during our annual camping trip.  Yet the Super Trawler was approved to farm 18,000 tonnes of fish per year.  That's 3kg of fish per recreational fisher in Australia!

The science says we're not going to deplete our fish stocks, but politics and the Greens suggest we need marine parks to protect them.   What a crock!

Click here to see a map of a small section of NSW where you cannot fish and the rules and regs associated with the areas that you can.


I don't claim to be an ethicist, so I won't try to explain why I believe it is ethical to eat meat, but I would like to ask a vegan why they believe it is not ethical to eat meat, when humans have been doing it for hundreds of thousands of years!

This video sums it up perfectly.


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